Saturday, October 13, 2007

My fantasy girlfriend - Irma La Douce

Since it is increasingly clear that I have no chance of ever having a real girlfriend again, I have to compensate with my imagination. A couple of months ago I mentioned in passing this charming Billy Wilder comedy (in which a young and heart-meltingly gorgeous Shirley MacLaine plays a Parisian prostitute being romanced by Jack Lemmon's neighbourhood gendarme).

I would never have thought that green stockings could be such a powerful erotic aid, but..... since seeing this film, I have been quite obsessed.

Sassy, sexy, dynamite in bed. But also vulnerable - needs saving. Irma, you are my ideal woman!

I'm not so keen on the dog, though.


Tulsa said...

"needs saving"... hmmm. I didn't quite read that into you, yet. your heartthrobs so far seem to be more of the brilliant beautiful type rather than the "save me" type... of course, I don't know Irma (who are we kidding... did anyone think I'd catch that pop culture reference?) and I don't know the character she plays in this reference... so she very well may be brilliant (in the mind) and beautiful (in the body) along with being in need of saving.

quite the pose in the photograph. with the dog in the way, it can be hard to make sense of it.

moonrat said...

i think most men are attracted to women who need saving. nice that you recognized it, though. i think guys have a much tougher time when they don't understand.

on the other hand, most women think they need saving in some way, so this doesn't necessarily have to undermine self-sufficiency or anything. we all have our special neurosies.

Froog said...

Lines to use in conversation with Sally Army types running inner city mission: "Do you save fallen women? Well, save one for me!"

Oh, the old jokes are the best!

You may have missed this, Moonrat, but a year or so ago (in relation to my most recent Ex) I wrote on here: "It is a worry to me that so many of the women I have been drawn to over the years have proven to have such a broad streak of mental instability in their makeup. They are both damsel-in-distress and dragon at the same time; and my naive knight-saviour gets burned to a crisp every time."

I think I need to get over the 'saving' thing!

Tulsa said...

you colored the "green stockings"... cool.

or were they always colored and for some reason it didn't show up on my screen? (or I didn't notice?)

anyways. I like.