Saturday, October 06, 2007

The avoidance of running

I got up early this morning with the intention of going out for a run around the lakes before the area becomes too crowded with tourists.

But it was raining. Quite heavily. It's still raining an hour later, with no sign of a let-up.

Now, I enjoy running in the rain. Or at least, I enjoy being caught out in the rain when I'm on a run. Very invigorating, very refreshing.

However, it's quite a different thing to psych yourself up to actually set off on a run when it's pouring down, knowing that you are going to be drenched for the next two hours.

I suppose that if I were taking part in a race, I'd have no problem with it - they don't cancel a marathon because of inclement weather. But once you've gone to all the trouble of registering, shelling out money, getting yourself to the start point - well, you're committed; there's no longer a decision to be made.

Sitting here in my study, looking out at the rain..... I just don't fancy it this morning.

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