Saturday, August 25, 2007

Waving their arms about....

A classic piece of silliness (silliness about 'the classics') from Monty Python.... courtesy of my resident comment-freak, Tulsa, who dug up the link for me during a rare idle moment earlier in the week. I particularly love the little flags that pop out of the cradle, signalling, "Waaah, waaah!"

This research endeavour on Tulsa's part was prompted by a little exchange we'd had in the comments on a post way back (my first Friday haiku after my return from holiday the week before last). We had been discussing the marvellous Irish comedian Dave Allen, who had a long-running TV show on the Beeb throughout my childhood (and probably deserves to be written up as an Unsuitable Role Model over on the Barstool sometime soon). I had forgotten that Python had done this, and I was confusing it with my memory of a series of Cathy/Heathcliff skits that Dave had done.

I now find myself tormented by this question: Did Dave Allen's Heathcliff ever use semaphore flags? I feel convinced that he did; but maybe it ain't so? Does anyone out there know??

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