Friday, August 31, 2007

The Foreskin Post

Yes, it's a nasty concept, isn't it? One pictures a wooden stake plunged into the ground, Neolithic warriors folding their foreskins over the tip of it, shuffling backwards to see how far they can extend the elastic flesh, their faces a grim mask of concentration in denial of pain. Ah, yes, the toughest of this tribe are distinguished by foreskins they have to drape over their shoulders or wrap around their thighs to avoid tripping over them when they run through the rainforest on their hunting expeditions. Oh, fatuous macho displays! Nothing good can come from such freakish distortions of nature.

Of course, one doesn't want to picture such things.... but one can't help it. Once the phrase is sitting there in the 'title' box, the images follow of their own accord.

My apologies, gentle readers.

I blame Leah, who suggested a while back that mentioning f*skin was a surefire way to woo Googleperverts to the blog. I'm not sure that I really want to entice hordes of Netperves here.... but then, I do want someone to start reading this. So.... I am patiently experimenting with all the means at my disposal, with all the cheap tricks that anyone proposes to me. Let's see what this one brings.

You can also blame Moonrat, who a couple of months back published a squirm-making (but, as it turns out, apocryphal - phew!) story about young boys in a remote part of the Phillipines being ritually circumcised by having the end of their boy's-best-friend repeatedly bashed with a rock. Silly Moonrat, that's how simple peoples do their laundry. It's not how they improve their young men's penile hygiene. Not if they want to perpetuate their race, anyway.

Although I think that Moonrat was genuinely interested in the story, rather than cynically trying to boost her blog profile in the way that Leah recommends.

Well, I wonder if anything will come of it. Perverts, are you there??


Anonymous said...

I am choked and a bit disgusted and keep thinking how far people go to get readers?? I know I go very far if I have anything worth reading to write, so this is in no way a critique.
But Froog, do you really want those types of people reading and commenting your blog?

Oh, to Tulsa if she is around, I was here first, ha ha.

Froog said...

And you win today's "I am not a pervert, really, I just clicked on this page by accident" prize. Congratulations.

And nice to have you back, Earthling. Where have you been?

Anonymous said...

ick yuck and ouch.
and...froog..the invitation to comment goes BOTH WAYS you know - oh wait, I guess that means I have to post something to be commented on doesn't it?

Froog said...

Ah well, at least this is goading my regular crew out of their recent lethargy!

Yes, WB, you do need to post. And comment over here..... less of this sneaking around, and telling me you've read stuff days later by e-mail (or writing about it on your blog). That's not the way the game is supposed to be played!

Anonymous said...

who is this new WB??
Where is his blog?

Anonymous said...

BTW, if you go and look at my pictures on "saatchi" (street art), you'll see where I've been lately (or where I haven't been).

Anonymous said...

earthling, my blog is:

Anonymous said...

where do I go to see saatchi?

earthling... welcome to post first on this post!!

is your blog open for busn again?

what've you been up to?

WB is a lovely lady who met Froog in Edinburgh over the summer (from what I gather -- I could be wrong)... check our her blog.

moonrat said...

incidentally, my whole Filipino circumcision cycle didn't boost my blog hits at all. neither did anything else i did on purpose. then one day i thoughtlessly posted a comment on the Bookends Literary Agency LLC blog, and each day since then I've had at least 80 hits. A modest number, surely, but much different from my earlier average of 21.

you could try posting a PICTURE of a foreskin, perhaps.

oh, my dear friend Angelle (at has titled her blog "devour books. poop words." she has an ongoing number of fetishist visitors who are no doubt disappointed by her content. perhaps consider introducing some kind of defecation motif in your blog title? "Crapping in Froogville" perhaps. you can play around with that.

Froog said...

Well, you know how it is, Moonrat, I try to paint the pictures in words. For the most part, anyway.

That reminds me, you still haven't explained how you managed to find "us" while searching the pictures of views from loos. I hope you will share the story one day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks WB. That was nice of you. I am sorry about the "D". But every ending is a new begining.

Froog, the "anonym" in a few places has been me, I'm sorry, just lazy! Or I couldn't put name to what I had written for one reason or an other.

Tulsa, my blog is closed closed closed. Sorry about that. It's just that I'd rather not put out stories about my life online at the moment. I guess I'm more shy than I thought. I certainly have a strong need for privacy, and don't feel this agrees with having a blog. I might have a photo/picture blog one day. I'll let you know when it happens.