Monday, July 23, 2007

Wisdom of the Froog

"The Master encourages all of his students to find their own Path. He shows them his own Path only as an example."

A number of my "fan club" have taken to calling me 'sensei', you see. It is rather too heavy a responsibility.


tulsa said...

uh, you're not allowed to wimp out of being a sensei just cuz you feel the responsibility is too much.

Froog said...

Who said anything about "wimping out"?

It is not too heavy a burden that I bear, but too heavy a burden that you avoid .

I have been The Bookseller's sensei for years - in pool, bar football, darts, Chinese Chess, and numerous other games of skill and chance (including 'lurve', if we may call that a 'game').

Lately I have become Leah's haiku sensei too.

I have been a teaching sensei to many.

And, indeed, I have become an anonymous Beijing nightlife sensei to countless thousands via an article a journo friend recently culled from the pontifications of The Choirboy and myself.

And then, of course,there are all of my Three Doors™ initiates.

Many have called me sensei. Of course, most of them were taking the piss....

Froog said...

Ha! I just realised that in that last one I was mostly responding to the question you asked me in an e-mail rather than a comment - "Who are all these other people who call you 'sensei'?"

tulsa said...

weird, I thought I left a comment here last night about you answering my private email in a public post... is something afoot or did I imagine the whole thing??

ah well, my jist was that this question was harmless enough to answer here since I'm sure other readers will find your answer interesting, too.