Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Traffic Report - blog stats for June

Still not much sign of the promised slowdown in my output.

52 posts and around 18,500 words here on Froogville last month.

Number of visits seems to be slightly down (still around 500 for the month); but it has been nice to welcome Tulsa's 'gang' to the comment pages. (Well, I suppose it's only HiK and OMG - and the mysterious 'Batty' once or twice. Not really quite enough to be called a gang. But Earthling - originally "my friend" - has been swiftly assimilated into the clique... and I fear that our other newcomer, Moonrat, may soon follow.)

I'm still boggling at that 18,500 figure. 'WordCount' doesn't lie. Does it??

This month's totals will, I think, be well down on that - since I am travelling a lot for work over the next couple of weeks.... and then going on holiday.

Don't worry - there will still be a lot of new drivel appearing on here. Just not quite as much as in recent months.

And I may start to try boosting the readership by throwing in occasional gratuitous references to panda bestiality or hair tonic orgies in Zhongnanhai.... That ought to be good for a few cheap laughs.


omg said...

Oh, HiK and I, we are definitely enough to be a gang. Watch out!

Froog said...

Oh, there could be more soon.

Last night I was the top return on Google searches for "panda bestiality"!!