Thursday, July 05, 2007

More fun from Japan

As a going-away present (I'm going to be off in Xi'An for a couple of days), I leave you with this - another gem from the introduction to Japanese culture series I've been sharing with you (here and here).

I explained yesterday that I am a very unapologetic sort of fellow - but if I were, I'd study this to hone my submissiveness to to perfection.


Anonymous said...

I always get hungry for sushi and other japanese foods and sweets when I see something japanese or as they call it "nihon go no mono".

Anonymous said...

I'm very very jealous that you're going to Xi'an. Niels and I are hoping to make it out there during National Holiday.

Froog said...

Well, it was a work trip, so I didn't actually get to see anything.

Not that there's much to see in Xi'An. Apart from the Great Mosque. The Mosque is cool. And the Temple of the Eight Immortals (if you can find it). That's about it. The bingmayong are seriously over-rated. And the city itself, though uncannily modern and prosperous-looking, is utterly bland.

Going during the National Holiday will be an experience of a different kind. An horrendous experience, I would guess. Make sure to book a hotel well in advance on eLong.

And don't miss the 'Western Tour' (I think it's the Western one.... never really did get around to checking on a map) - way better than the Eastern 'Warriors' one. In fact, if you're out to save a bit of money, bin the 'Eastern Tour'. You can get to the Warriors on a local bus for a few kuai. The other stops on that tour are a bit of a waste of time. The other tour goes further afield and is far more diverse - Famen Si, the temple with the 'Buddha's finger-bone' relics, is the highlight.

Froog said...

Earthling, if you enjoy things Japanese, you should go check out moonrat's
blog - she's another Nipponophile.

Anonymous said...

I've been there once and remember laughing but then forgot which blog it was.
I have more respect for them so I have a hard time laughin at things which are pointed out by "gaijins". But the movie clips you have found look like something they have made themselves and so I feel less guilty laughing at them.