Friday, July 13, 2007

I wouldn't leave without posting a haiku

Distant hiss of surf
Sighing from the moonlit beach
- A lover's yearning.

Another "here's one I prepared earlier" haiku for you, to tide you over while I make yet another business trip.


Anonymous said...

I'll assume you're not an EastEnders fan, but thought I'd tell you this anyway: last night, one of the characters in it (Gus, the street-sweeper/resident poet of 'Albert Square') read out a Haiku he had composed for his missing dog! (And yes, it was a Haiku...he used the word 'Haiku' (as well as it being obvious from the style of the words he read out)).

Laugh? I nearly paid my licence fee...

When you back in Blighty?

(Scottish Burd who forgets her password)

Anonymous said...

Having re-read it, on a more serious note, it evokes memories of Waikiki Beach, Honolulu, Oahu, watching the most amazing sunset ever. Sitting alone on the warm sand, I was very aware that all the other people around me were in twos...ah well, Norma-Nae-Mates indeed! ;o)
Ali Bali Bee