Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Going away

Yes, I am departing for the UK for three weeks, and not expecting to be keeping up the blogging habit from there. The rest is silence....

To keep you busy while I'm away, I have in the last few days attempted to initiate three contentious, open-ended discussions (I may even try to put these in the sidebar), on:

Chinese food - the worst cuisine in the world, just possibly?

The films of the Coen brothers - do you have a favourite?

Beijing v. Shanghai - which is the better city to live in, and why?

Please, during my absence, try to amuse yourselves with these. Or with noodling around my substantial archives.

I'll be back.


tulsa said...

Froog's parting line to me as I walked into the darkness of Nanluoguxiang at midnight after having spent the evening eating, drinking and chatting with him and friends as a farewell party were "you're in charge of the blogs"...

of course, i responded "I'll try my best"... but we have so many more friends here, now, then when i was last left in charge, that I hardly think this will be quite the challenge it was before.

and I see he's left quite a bit here, links and all, to keep everyone amused. Makes my job rather easy, eh? :)

Well, i do plan to attend the grand Yugong Yishan Chai Party, so perhaps I'll have something to add to a comment here or there while he's gone hop-scotching around that western island. so if y'all want to stick around, I'll play host for the time being.

Froog said...

You've been rather a quiet host so far!

Have fun at Yugong tonight. Let me know what I've missed.

t said...

preserving energies for the grand party.

and now that I've spent all that preserved energy at the party, I need to eat some cornflakes (I'm pretending these flakes are a proper IHOP 4am breakfast) and crash into bed.

by the way, where can I get a proper scrambled eggs and pancakes at 4am in this town? We stopped by Rickshaw (yes, folks, the same Rickshaw froog discusses over in the basement) but it was so loud and obnoxious, that we moved on. Thought about the Den, but figured it would be too loud for us, too. This town needs an IHOP or a Fettoosh, or a pizza by the slice and empanada stand.