Monday, July 02, 2007


This weekend I was visiting an old friend from college (I 'rediscovered' her a couple of years ago, after more than a decade out of touch, via a networking website - ah, the wonders of the online 'community'!). She has done rather well for herself. She and her artist hubby have recently moved into a new apartment a mile or so north of the Bund in Shanghai. It's extremely comfortable. It is spread over the top three storeys of a 14-storey block. It has balconies - some small, some less so - all over the place. And it's right on the river.

This is the view:

I'm not normally a materialistic sort of guy. But if I were.......

Yes, I feel the unfamiliar vice of covetousness stirring within me. Cold shower time!


Tulsa said...

I like the second pic. especially with the placement of the clouds in the backdrop.

did you go down to the bund and get any pics with the rainbow ball tower more aligned with the skyline?

I have some night pics, let me see if I can find them and I'll post at the holiday villa.

Tulsa said...

I don't remember the water being so dirty brown. But maybe I just don't have any daytime pics to remind me of it.

Tulsa said...

okay. just one more comment on this, then, really, I'll stop.

so looking at my pics from two years ago and at your pics from over the weekend, even accounting for the difference in angles and location of shot, there are waaaay more buildings in that skyline.

maybe I should visit Shanghai/Pudong to update my mental image.

Froog said...

Yes, I really am going to have to get some night-time shots there one day. I'm just really annoyed that I missed the clear day/full moon (quite apart from being spooked by my near-death experience, the batteries in my camera failed!