Friday, June 29, 2007

Stormy weather haiku

Noon sky black as night,
Buildings tremble at thunder.
Nightmarish portents.

Yes, a couple of days ago Beijing suffered a most unusual - nay, verily APOCALYPTIC - tropical storm.

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Tulsa said...

Indeed, apocalyptic is the very word I would use to describe Wednesday's sudden midday blackout. Quite eerie.

Darkening sky holds
Memories of Childhood Sights
Rolling Dust, Rain Pours.

From the rooftop of my grandfather's home, I watched the rolling brown clouds sweep over the mountains, turning day to night and dropping buckets of water on us before we had time to think to come out of the monsoon rains.

Under normal circumstances, last Wednesday I would have been caught in a similar Wet sitch. Luckily (unluckily?) I was working at a window-side desk and witnessed the sky blackout from the safety of 40 floors of glass.