Sunday, June 10, 2007

A love letter to Amy Hempel

For anyone interested in learning a little more about Amy Hempel, the author of the micro-story I posted on Friday, there is a wonderful essay - 'She Breaks Your Heart' - on her 'minimalist' style, by Chuck Palahniuk, in the online LA Weekly from 5 years ago (I think I'd better cut & paste this before it disappears from the archive).

Palahniuk admits to a hesitancy (something most of us feel, I think) about meeting his literary idols, for fear they will not be quite so impressive in person - but apparently he came through a brief conversation with Amy Hempel with his adoration intact.

I've never read any of Palahniuk's books, though they have quite often been recommended to me by friends. I discover that he is an adept at the art of self-promotion - go check out his website, The Cult.

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