Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A long suppressed Roger Hargreaves title? (Where in the world am I? [29])

One of the (many) ways I earn my keep out here is by recording voiceovers, audiobooks, and English listening practice tapes & exams.

The scripts are endlessly recycled, are often seemingly transcribed (badly) from uncredited radio sources, and almost invariably feature a generous smattering of dodgy English. This will almost always lead to at least one moment of extended corpsing in each 3-hr recording session.

Amongst the commonest errors - the regular recording artist's pet peeves - is the choice of rare, misspelled, or otherwise outlandish and inappropriate names for the characters in the dialogues. Another, related one is the almost invariable use of a title - Mr, Mrs, Dr - with a first name only.

This happens so often that we regular recorders are pretty much inured to it now, it rarely gets to our funnybone.

Until this, today:

"Hello. Could I speak to Mr Randy, please?"

That brought work to a halt for a couple of minutes, I can tell you.

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