Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A (pre-)V-Day frippery

Even without the additional pressure of Valentine's Day, I often get myself into difficulties with my 'romantic interests' through my unorthodox and often dogmatic views on the question of love.

I much prefer the small but genuinely spontaneous, sincerely felt, unique gesture of affection to conventional declarations and presents. Hence I was once - many years ago now - prompted to write this.... to try and get myself off the hook with whoever it was I was seeing at the time (I probably can remember who it was, but I don't feel inclined to tell all of you).

Love Poem No. 3
(all-purpose excuse for alleged oversights
in the romance department)

Do not chide me
That I do not do
As other men do

Consider, it may be
That I feel for you
As other men do not


Tulsa said...

I was once in a relationship with a man whose romantic expectations gave me a toothache (I think he, singlehandedly could have supported the entire luvey dovey industry and expected as much from me!)

I never did manage to convince him that though my expression of love was not wrapped in pink cellophane and tied with a bow, it was as sincere as could be expected.

Did your unnamed lost love accept Love Poem #3?

Froog said...

The 'lost love' didn't accept it IN THE LONG RUN, obviously.

I think it may have bought me a little more time, on a few occasions.