Sunday, February 11, 2007

A bon mot for the week (very slightly early!)

"We'd be a lot less worried what other people think about us if we realised how seldom they did."


Anonymous said...

ooh! that pulls at something (I think a heartstring). Kinda makes you feel like a drop in the ocean, no?

Of course, I'm reading it from the perspective of one who is far away from the people who I hope ARE thinking about me.

Another reader might not be so sentimental in their interpretations (focusing more on the "less worried" and not so much on the "how seldom").

Froog said...

Hey, Tulsa, you're supposed to be roving around the back catalogue, not just 'living in the moment'!!

Go on, head on back to 'The Early Days'!

Anonymous said...


got distracted by the good stuff in front of me. :I