Friday, December 22, 2006

For those idle moments....

I don't usually waste my time on such fripperies, but.... my pal Glasgow Ali sent me this recently, and I confess it does have a strange, compelling charm.

A penguin waddles to the top of a pinnacle of rock. Click the mouse once and it executes a suicidal swan dive ('penguin dive'??) off the edge. Click the mouse again - at just the right time - and the Abominable Snowman thing waiting at the foot of the cliff whacks it with a huge club.... and the penguin FLIES.... then scuds and bounces across the snow and ice. The distance of your hit is recorded. Beautifully simple.

Look, the penguin enjoys it, OK? It cries with pleasure - "WHEEEE-EEE-EEE!" - when it's in flight. If you swing and miss, it buries itself beak-first in the snow (and probably dies)...... so please, HIT it!

This is one of the best games of its type I've seen. There's considerably more mileage in it, I think, than in that other old seasonal favourite, Elf Bowling (What do you mean, you've never heard of Elf Bowling?! Download it here, if you must - and find out how the rest of the world has wasted the last 6 or 7 Christmases...) .... largely because you can play it entirely online, without having to download anything to your desktop. And also because there is quite an amusing variety of different trajectories the poor penguin can follow.

So, go and check out
Penguin Baseball - and you may find yourself blissfully unaware of all the holiday madness going on around you for the next week or so!!

My current best is 325.4 m.

I can't hit for shit today - only managed a couple just beyond 300m. Some days you got it, some days you don't.

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