Wednesday, November 22, 2006

On again, off again

I am still being tormented by the obscure persecution of my local Net censors (and the flabbergasting indifference of my Internet provider).

This evening - after the umpteenth complaint to the useless provider, and after enduring for the umpteenth time their inevitable facetious, insolent response that perhaps I should get a new computer - my Internet connection is again functioning. Now, of course, I am on tenterhooks, living in a constant terror that this will be yet another false dawn, that I may once again be cut off at any moment.

How have they done this to me? Why have they done this to me?

It is perhaps just as well that I am about to depart on a long weekend break, so I won't have to worry about any of this again for 5 days. I'll see you all again (for more spleen-venting, I fear) next week.

"As flies to wanton boys, so we are to the gods...."

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Anonymous said...

Ah, the struggles of communicating with service providers in ****... I don't know how anyone ever manages it.

Then, again, when I was in DC, waiting one month for a landline phone connection was a common scenario -