Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hex The Ex!

It has been bothering me that it is perhaps inappropriate - unhelpful to my emotional health - to keep referring to my worryingly Sylvia Plath-like former girlfriend (witch, bitch, muse, mentor, siren, unsuitable soulmate) as The Ex. After all, I have quite a few other 'Exes'; and I may soon be about to acquire another.

I also feel that a re-naming might be symbolic 'moving on'; perhaps a useful proofing against the dangers of a bad run of 'anniversary blues' (the next 6 weeks are a minefield of landmark moments in our brief, intense, wonderful, disastrous 'relationship': first meeting, first date, first poem, first kiss; first week-long 'disappearance', first evidence of mental instability, first argument, first admission of 'the other man'...). Therefore, I propose to try to refer to her as The Poet from now on.

Old readers may be briefly confused. New readers will be no more confused than they otherwise would have been. Deal with it!

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