Friday, September 08, 2006

Why blog?

Oh, take your pick from all the usual reasons.
1) I'm bored.
2) I can't sleep.
3) I'm out of work.
4) I'm recovering (or am I?) from a bad love affair.
5) It's raining outside.
And so on.
Most blogs I've encountered are ferociously boring. Thus far, perhaps, this one is little different. But that is one of the challenges I set myself - can I write regularly and keep finding interesting things to say? (Things that interest me, that is. I really don't give a rat's ass whether I ever attract a readership.)
I feel it might also be a worthwhile exercise to get into a regular writing habit. I fancy myself as a writer, but procrastination rather than productivity has been my trademark in recent years. Forcing myself to write - something, anything - a bit more often may perhaps lubricate the mental processes, breathe some new life into my almost extinct creative fire.
This is my hope, anyway.
We shall see.

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